Sunday, August 1, 2010


Most people that work, work either to provide for a growing family, paying bills and, in general, to make a living. There is a huge factor, however, that affects the potential and performance of a good worker. Stress.  It is a six letter word with 600 worries that it brings along with it. You probably know what I’m talking about. Your boss at work is probably imposing half of this stress upon you and consequently you find yourself constantly repeating, “Ugh, I hate my boss!” and “My boss is stressing me out!” So here are seven ways that can help you go from hating your boss to loving them.
When your boss is talking to you look at him in the eyes and don’t look away. Most workers get nervous when their boss confronts them and talks to them, and they tend to look away and let their eyes wander across the room as they say “Mhm” to everything the boss says. This can easily be misinterpreted as “Shut up I know what to do” and can arouse anger on the bosses part thus creating displeasure that will affect your bosses view of you.

Always get up early in the morning. (This means no late night parties the day before) If you take off early, you will get to work early. Make sure you arrive at work at least ten minutes before your shift. This will show your interest in your job from you and your boss will notice. This can lead to promotions and your boss just might give you more responsibilities such as putting you as leader for some project.

Anything can come up at work so be ready. If you see your boss needs help, ask him if he can use your assistance. If he says yes, great! If he says no, it’s still okay. Your boss will notice your eagerness and either one of these helps build up confidence that is crucial to creating a good boss-employee relationship.

Your boss is just as human as you are and is probably in the same stressful state that you are in. Knowing your bosses outside-of-work interests is important to know. This will allow you to communicate with your boss by bringing up one of those topics. A commonly used one could be about kids. Or let’s just say that your boss likes the Spurs. Look up and get info on the Spurs basketball team and while you’re talking with your boss bring them up if it corresponds to the conversation or you can even start one using one of those topics. Your boss, in return, might invite you to lunch to talk, take some burdens off your back, or even invite you to that Spurs game. Now he basically becomes your “friendly boss”. Also be friendly and get along with your co-workers because if you annoy them or frustrate them to a point where they get angry, they will complain to your boss and you do not want your boss to think bad of you.

Every boss has that one project that they never have time for and it stresses them out. This is where you come in. Find out what project it is and complete on your spare time, such as a day off. Since your boss hadn’t completed it, it is probably a somewhat insignificant project so it won’t take much time for you to complete it and your boss will love you for doing that.

Occasionally bring sweet bread to work. Most people, due to traffic and other things, are in a rush to work and usually do not have enough time to have a bite for breakfast. When you arrive at work with a box of sweet bread your co-workers and boss will just smell the bread and will hope that you will offer them some. When you do they will love you. While eating, you and your co-workers will be having a good time talking and being at peace and friendship and this is exactly what your boss wants from their team. You will also have a good name at work.

Whatever you do, do not procrastinate. Procrastination is leaving things to do at the last minute, and trust me, your boss will definitely notice. Okay let’s just say you have a project that is due Thursday and you wait till Wednesday night to start it. While doing it, you will be sleepy after a long day of work and won’t put your best efforts toward the project. Consequently you will complete it in a rush and in the morning upon arriving at work, you won’t look fresh or ready and the project will most likely look very messy and incomplete.                                                                                        

I hope these tips will help you make your boss a happy one and make him feel that, by hiring you, he made a good choice. So, good luck!